“The Holiday Makers” exhibition (2012)


the holiday makers


This exhibition was the first show made by the art group Banda. It took place in the Library of the Museum Of Contemporary Art MOCAK in Krakow. I co-organized the project. As my art works I made (among others) two artbooks. Presented works were inspired by the summer time, especially holidays when we take a break from our work and normal duties and activities. We asked ourselves a question (which remain opened) – can an artist truly go on holidays? Is creating art a job? Can creative person truly rest and not create at all? What does this weird time of the year mean to us? I answered few of this issues by creating the book “122”, where all days of my vacation time where shown – each day was represented by the phase of the moon that was visible at that time. I chose the number of 122 days because that’s precisley how long the summer break lasts for the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow students (which I was at the time). For me vacation was the period of the year when we didn’t have classes, but it didn’t mean the break from art activity. I started to be fascinated by the astronomy around that time and spent my summer looking at the skies, mostly on the Moon, since it’s the easiest to observe and I had no proper equipment to make observations of any other celestial object on satisfactory level. The book was also an analog-animation. When pages were browsed quickly there could be seen moon phases changing. The gif shows the effect that the book created as well. The other book (“Moonstone”) was the result of my more abstract feelings and impressions about the moon that took so much of my attention during the summer that year.


the holiday makers moonstone artbook

“Moonstone”, charcoal on paper, 4/6 cm, 2012




the holiday makers 122 artbook

“122”, digital print, 17/10 cm, 2012


the holiday makers 122 artbook