Degenerate Objects PhD thesis and series (2019)


In my thesis I focused on the link between the results of the creation process of an artwork and a scientific discovery or theory (degenerate electron gas inside brown dwarfs), in the very specific context of this project. It became important to me to point the differences and similarities between Science and Art, when it comes to their outcomes. In my opinion, it is significant to notice how both are similar when one tries to comprehend or experience them, yet how much they differ when we think of their purpose. I also believe detailed consideration should be given to what we can learn about physical reality and our perception of its various manifestations through such diverse and yet comparable fields of human culture as Science and Art. It is essential for me, while working on science-art projects, to think about how the human mind and thought relates to the physical world.

For me as an artist the relation of Science and Art goes beyond inspiration and illustration. I call my artworks based on the scientific domain expressions. I understand such works as objects that show chosen aspects of our physical understanding of a certain phenomenon using a visual metaphor. Materials, media and the way the artworks are presented are all strictly connected to theories, experiments, and discoveries related to a chosen scientific problem. In the thesis I describe the physical properties of matter which was my first inspiration, and which became the topic and essence of the art series dedicated to them. I also show how and why the artworks got their final form, which is inseparably connected with both certain quantum properties of substellar matter and on the philosophy I chose as a base for my thinking on science, art and their relation.

The series containes of 13 objects with analogue holograms (as I called them) inside and a thesis published as a book.

Thesis can be purchased here. You can also e-mail me if you are interested in getting a copy.

Documentation of the holograms:


Documentation of the objects: