“Interior/exterior” exhibition (2013)


Interior/exterior exhibition


The exhibition was an event organized by the art group Banda which I was leading at the time. I was curator of the exhibition which took place in the Gallery Humberta 3 at the Graphic Arts Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. The show contained art pieces done by artists from the Banda group and others who answered the open call and were accepted to take part in the project. Descriptions of the presented works were possible to read when QR codes placed near each of art works were scanned using mobile device. I prepared three objects for the project. Together they formed an optical installation. The Interior from the exhibition title was represented by the fact that the observer was inside the building where the event took place, and to be able to see the art work he had to look outside (Exterior) – the objects I made were installed on the window.  I played with the idea of interior and exterior in its physical meaning – space occupied (inside) and studied (outisde) by the observer.